• A new way of living and giving


    Giving micro-donations as small round-ups on your everyday purchases lets you have an impact simply by living your life.

    Choose to support the world's major environmental, social and humanitarian problems or causes in your own neighborhood.


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    Track your impact

    Get real time updates when you donate so you can understand the difference you're making each day. And see your impact over time.

    Your causes

    Support the causes you care about. No matter where you shop, donate to your good causes each time.

    See what's trending

    Support causes in your own neighborhood as well as some of the most worthwhile causes in the world today.

    Complete control

    You can add or remove causes and pause your account at any time.

    Small=big change

    By giving micro-donations, you join a movement of people making big change with small change.


    If you give to our 100x causes you can make 100 times more impact with your donation.

    Rewards for good behaviour

    Receive impact points every time you give, which you can use to get rewards from our partner organisations.

    An eco-system of do-gooders

    Employers and retailers can join in too and match donate with their customers and employees.


    Give to causes that inspire you without giving out your personal details.

    Instant happiness

    If you see something that inspires you, give a lump sum instantly.


    Be part of generation S - the sustainable generation - no boundaries or age limits

  • It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

    ...then every time you shop, you're doing good.

    1. Choose your good causes

    Choose the causes you care about.

    2. Set up round-ups

    Set up to give a round-up every time you shop.

    3. Add your credit or debit card...

    Add the cards you use most frequently.

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  • Business eco-system

    A simple way to integrate business strategy with philanthropy and corporate giving.

    High visibility CSR

    Promote the causes you support and find new ones, enhancing the effectiveness of your corporate social responsibility programme.

    Match funding

    Show your employees and customers you care by giving with them to the causes they care about.

    Insight & impact

    Understand what matters to your customers and employees. Make a difference in your local and global communities.

    Loyalty & rewards

    Leverage a new way to provide targeted rewards to your existing and potential customers

  • Charities and non-profits

    We're committed to helping you do great work.

    Your story

    Communicate impact with your supporters in real-time when they donate. Tell the story of your achievements.

    New supporters

    Get access to a new mobile-first audience and a new simple way to receive donations.

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