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Loved by charities

🙌 Richard Branson named Sustainably his Start Up of the Year 2019

"I loved the simple idea of rounding up everyday transactions and giving your spare change to chosen good causes."

- Sir Richard Branson

“Sustainably makes supporting our research possible in the swipe of a finger as part of millions of transactions – something that’s completely new.”

- CEO, British Heart Foundation

“This is the first time I’ve given back and actually felt like I’m able to make a real difference in the world.”

- Faith, Glasgow

“The charitable sector is huge and growing. It needs to catch up with consumers and make proper use of technology.  Sustainably is key to solving these issues. Helping charities engage, understand and receive donations from their supporters in new, practical ways.”

Louis Warner, COO, Founders Factory, investors in Sustainably
The new cashless society:

Good causes struggle to connect and engage with individuals and corporate supporters in a digital world 😔

of young supporters want to give using their mobile.
would donate more if it was easier.

Our innovative tech means that our platform works in the new cashless society.

Sustainably for Charities

One easy app for giving

Automate your fundraising

As more people switch to contactless payments, Sustainably gives your supporters the option to digitally donate the spare change they would previously put in a collection tin.

No more forgetting to use a special website or only working in selected places.

That means more donations for your charity, whether your supporters want to change the world every time they shop with Round Ups, or set and forget with Monthly Happiness. Sustainably takes care of everything automatically, including Gift Aid straight to your charity!

Data and rich insights

Get access to data insights about your supporters' shopping trends to help target and unlock new corporate partnerships.

Telling your story

Show the big impact supporters small change makes. Upload images, videos and stories showing how your supporters donations are making a real difference every time they give through the app.

With many – especially smaller – charities struggling to make their voices heard, our mission is to amplify the great work that charities do, help raise their profiles and introduce them to many potential new donors.

What you get

Award winning fundraising tools

🙌 Access to a new audience

Tech savvy 18-34 year olds

💵 Daily income stream

No wait time or limit to receive donations. You can withdraw your funds whenever you want

💬 Communicate impact

Instant impact stories to drive up engagement by giving that do-good-feel-good feeling. Individuals and businesses can see the impact their charities are making with their donations in real time

💳 Cashless transactions

Leverage the movement towards a cashless society, as cash donations decline

💜 Innovative ways of giving

Supporters can benefit from giving to you in new innovative ways through one easy to use app

🔐 Top level security

FCA regulated and bank level security to keep your data and money safe

How we compare

A more Sustainable way to fundraise

Access to the Sustainably platform costs only 20p per supporter per month. Your supporters could donate £5 a month or £500+ a month and the fee will still only be 20p to access the platform plus a small payment fee per transaction to Stripe. There are no additional monthly fees.

If your supporters do not make a donation that month you pay nothing.

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How to get set up

Join today and boost your donations

Platform setup fee, one off payment £150 +VAT
Includes initial set up, loading of initial content, marketing resources and assets, loading of new content every month, monthly analysis of supporters' shopping behaviour, Gift Aid processing, training and support.
Monthly platform fee
20p per active supporter per month
Includes support, maintenance and data insights.
This will be billed monthly in arrears.
If you get no donations in a month you pay nothing.
No minimum contract, cancel anytime.

Sustainably works with any charity that's registered in the UK.

This is just the beginning though – our goal is to expand our coverage to charities worldwide.

Get set up in minutes:
  1. Set up your charity on our easy to use portal
  2. Supporters donate to you via our FREE app
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 Frequently asked questions

Most asked questions from our charities

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How do I add my charity to Sustainably?

If you've got a charitable registration number and a Gift Aid number, you can join Sustainably

So that includes charities, schools, churches, trusts, Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) and Girlguiding units (which includes Rainbows, Brownies and Guides).

To sign up to Sustainably you will need:

Your UK charity registration number

HMRC Gift Aid

Stripe account

Bank account details

Email address of your team members who will have access to the platform

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Is Sustainably secure?

Absolutely, security is our top priority.

Supporters’ sensitive information never touches our servers or stays on our devices. Bank authentication, roundup monitoring, and donation processing are handled by our trusted payment partners. We use TrueLayer, a secure FCA authorised service that acts as a messenger between Sustainably and your supporters’ bank. Through TrueLayer’s interface, supporters can securely provide their explicit consent to enable Sustainably ‘read-only’ access to information about their bank account and transaction spending.

TrueLayer will provide information to them through Sustainably and enable us to calculate their Round Ups. TrueLayer gets ‘read only’ access to their account and uses bank grade encryption to enable account access. They will never share supporter data with anyone apart from the company your supporters  have authorised (eg Sustainably) and they can change their  bank at any time in their donations preferences.

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Do retailers need to participate for me to use Round Ups?

No, retailers don’t need to participate for you to start benefiting from Round Ups.  Round ups work wherever your supporters shop using their card that is connected to Sustainably (or connected device connected to that card, e.g Apple Pay).  However, in the future, you will get the benefit of retailers being able to give to the causes your supporters care about. We will not share their personal data in order to do this.  It will simply trigger a match donation when they make a transaction on their card.

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How do I update my impact stories?

Each month you'll get a link to a form to fill in your latest impact stories and updates you want to share with your supporters.

Your impact statement is your charity's short story – what you do and why you do it in 80 characters.

It's your chance to tell your supporters why your charity exists so they know the impact of their donation. It's short and snappy so it's easy to share on social media and mobile phones where space is tight.

It appears on your charity profile, in notifications when a supporter makes a donation and shares to social media.

How to write a great impact statement

  • Use keywords about your cause – your impact statement is split into two, so try including keywords about your charity in both parts. That way, if only one part is used when space is particularly tight, it will still work well independently of the other half.
  • Think about your potential audience – what do people need to know and what would make them care about your cause? Use words that you know will have an effect and make potential supporters relate to your charity.
  • Be specific – space is tight so don't waste time on including lots of detail and complicated long words. Use simple and emotive language that gets to the point and that you know is going to have a big impact.

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How long does it take to get my charity on the app?

Once you've signed up you will be sent an email to login to the cause portal. Once you have filled out all the sections, added your logo, images, impact stories, connected your Stripe account and Gift Aid number and submitted it to us, we'll carry out our security checks and work really hard to make sure your organisation is up and running and ready to take donations within five business days.

We’ll also send you a welcome email once your account is approved with everything you need to get started straight away.

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Is there a minimum term contract?

No. There is no minimum term of contract if you sign up, it's a 'pay as you go' system. You can leave anytime because you only pay 20p to us when you receive a minimum donation of £5 per supporter in that month. So there is no cost to your charity if you don't receive any donations. We also don't charge anything for processing Gift Aid payments and there are no fixed monthly fees.

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Understanding our fees

We pride ourselves on the transparency of our fees and charities should get more from their donations through Sustainably than any other platform.

Our one-time Joining Fee is £150 +VAT which covers setting up your profile on the app, verification, technical support and platform costs. There are no annual fees to stay on the app and there are no minimum term contracts.

If your supporters are signed up to Round Ups, each donation is sent to your charity's bank account when their Round Ups reach £5.00. The charity will receive this minus Stripe fees (for payment processing) of 1.2% and 10p, making the total donation received by your good cause £4.84.

If your supporters are eligible for GiftAid, (which adds 25% to your donation), this makes your Round Ups donation of £5.00 a total donation £6.25.  Your chosen cause will receive this minus Stripe fees (for payment processing) of 1.2% and 10p, making the total donation received by your good cause £6.09.

If your supporters are signed up to Monthly Happiness, the same Stripe transaction fee applies and here are some examples of how much your charity will receive based on the size of your Monthly Happiness donation

Your Monthly Happiness donation £5.00

  • Your Monthly Happiness donation: £5.00
  • without GiftAid: £4.84
  • with GiftAid: £6.09
  • Stripe fee (1.2% + 10p) for UK cards: £0.16

Sustainably charges charities a fee of 20p per supporter per month to manage the platform, provide support and give access to the data insights to help them create more impact.  We do not take fees on donations or for processing Gift Aid.

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What data insights do I get?

Each month you will receive a data insights report that includes where your donors have donated, how much they have donated, amount of gift aid raised, what shops your Round Up supporters shop at, how your supporters like to donate through the app and much more.

Sustainably uses anonymised transaction data to give your charity insights into giving trends. This means supporters get the security and privacy they look for and your supporters' personal data is never revealed to any of the charities or partners that we work with.

Our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions cover this in detail and much more

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What is Stripe?

Stripe offers secure payment processing software to millions of companies in over 120 countries. Companies such as Google, Amazon, Spotify, Uber, Deliveroo (to name a few) use their services to accept payments and manage their businesses online. If you've paid for something online, the chances are that you paid with Stripe. Sustainably uses this to ensure your donations go directly to your charity as safely, securely and easily as possible.

You can learn more about stripe on their website

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When does my charity get paid?

We send donations payments directly to your charity’s bank account via Stripe automatically when any donation is made.  We do not hold any client money.  Payments are made instantly when the supporter's reach a minimum donation of £5.  We claim Gift Aid from HMRC quarterly and Gift Aid payments are sent to your charity’s bank account directly from HMRC.

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Where does it work?

Your supporters don't need a special code or go to a different website, they can shop normally wherever they normally use their card both online and offline. Sustainably is not limited to working with only a few selected retailers, Round Ups works whether you are buying your groceries, getting a bus ticket, ordering a deliveroo, going to the cinema, buying something on Amazon, grabbing a coffee, or paying for a dream holiday. If your supporter has selected Round Ups, Sustainably will automatically round up the spare change from each card transaction then send it to you every time it reaches £5.

For Monthly Happiness, your supporters can connect any credit or debit card from 17 major UK banks. The amount your supporter wishes to donate will automatically go to your charity's bank account on the day the supporter has selected.

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Which countries does it work in?

Sustainably currently is only for UK registered charities. The charity can operate and deliver their services anywhere in the world, but they need to have a UK charity registration number to comply with our due diligence. We hope to expand this to other countries in future so do check back to see when your country has been added.