How it works

Two awesome new ways to give 🙌

Whether you want to change the world every time you shop with Round Ups, or set and forget with Monthly Happiness, we’ve got you covered.

Automagic✨ donations with

Round Ups

Change the world every time you shop

We believe that doing good should be super easy and straight forward. Simply connect your bank to securely round up and donate your spare change, so you can support the causes you care about with less effort and more control. Sweet!

It's super simple to start giving
  1. Choose the cause you want to support.
  2. Securely connect your bank - this calculates your Round Ups.
  3. Add a payment card to make donations.

We take security seriously

That’s why we use super secure, independently verified and industry approved tech to manage your bank connection and payments.

To calculate your Round Ups Sustainably uses a secure tool called TrueLayer to connect to your bank through Open Banking. We'll never see or ask for your bank password or log in details.

We're authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Regular monthly donations with

Monthly Happiness

Totally flexible monthly donations. Imagine direct debit’s smarter, better looking younger cousin.

Super simple to start giving.
  1. Choose the cause you want to support.
  2. Select how much you want to give every month.
  3. Add a payment card to make donations.

Total control

You can change the date, amount or cause at any time. No questions asked! And it’s super easy to keep up to date with the impact you’re having.