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Our story

On a mission to make the world a better place

We’re not just the co-founders of Sustainably, we’re also mother and daughter, and we started Sustainably because we wanted to make a difference.

It all began with an idea back in 2015, and a lot of post-it notes on our kitchen wall. Our challenge? Could we design a tech product that would be completely sustainable and allow everyone to have a positive impact every day?

Inspired by fintech, augmented reality, gamification, the internet of things and big technology businesses who had become part of everyone's daily lives, we merged Loral’s experience in FTSE100 digital strategy with Eishel’s background in ethical retail, and together we came up with the idea of Sustainably.

It’s been a long road, designing a proof of concept first, then building our incredible team to help us get a product to market, but we’re so grateful to everyone who has helped and supported us along the way.

Now supporting 40 charities, including Macmillan, Shelter and the British Heart Foundation, we’re raising investment to market to new users and charities, improve functionality and launch our B2B platform. We’re also about to start a corporate pilot with one of the largest UK insurers and their 16,000 UK staff.

Our investors include Skyscanner’s co-founder, founder Brent Hoberman’s Founders Factory, and the £140,000 we won at the WeWork’s Creator Awards - judged by Ashton Kutcher and Monzo’s co-founder. There’s huge exit potential for Sustainably, shown by JustGiving being acquired by Blackbaud for £95m.

With a few awards under our belt, and with our first product released in July 2019, our vision is finally becoming a reality and we can’t wait to continue on this amazing journey with you all.

Loral & Eishel

Our awesome app

Simply and securely support your cause every time you shop

Our app lets you spread kindness every day by easily and safely micro-donating to your cause every time you shop. Our unique platform allows people to choose from a wide range of causes and ways to give for a truly flexible experience that allows everyone to donate in a way that suits them.

Our unmatched privacy makes sure that you can give on your own terms, with bank level security. Simply connect your card, or device, to the app then shop as usual.

With Sustainably, you receive charity updates showing you the difference you've made, whether that’s helping to remove plastic from the ocean, supporting the homeless, or teaching young girls to code.

You can set your own donation limits, and stop, start, pause or change them at any time.

As well as being Gift Aid compatible, Sustainably takes no user fees and charges charities just £0.20 per supporter, per month (no donation, no fee), in exchange for a new income stream and anonymised supporter shopping trend data.

Creating a platform

Making it all happen

The Sustainably team are passionate experts and leaders across finance and technology, and are motivated by creating a product that can help everyone have a positive impact every day. We currently have 9 employees and plan to grow the team to 14 employees in 2021.

Our management team has a combined experience of over 60 years and, along with our investors and advisors, have a track record in the technology, charity and banking sectors.

We started Sustainably to make this world a better place. Now we want to give our community a chance to share in the brighter future we're creating together.


People want to give with privacy and control

Sustainably's app lets individuals and corporates effortlessly make a positive impact every day, and sends charity updates showing you the difference you've made.

Simply set your own donation limits, then you're free to stop, start, pause or change them at any time.

Many of us want to support charities but don't want to commit to one cause and face the hassle and guilt of cancelling later.

People want convenience. With tech for banking, transport and music becoming more automated and frictionless, we aim to do the same for giving tech. 86% of Gen Z and millennials, the UK's biggest givers, want to donate via mobile and see their impact. And while 50%+ of donations are still made in cash, we live in an increasingly cashless society.

Our approach to privacy is super simple. We never share your personal details, so you’ll never get hassled to give more.

And you’re free to stop, start, pause or change your giving at any time. Nice!

🙌 Richard Branson named Sustainably his Start Up of the Year 2019

"I loved the simple idea of rounding up everyday transactions and giving your spare change to chosen good causes."

- Sir Richard Branson

“Sustainably makes supporting our research possible in the swipe of a finger as part of millions of transactions – something that’s completely new.”

- CEO, British Heart Foundation

Featured in BBC, The Times, Stylist, Disrupts and more...

“This is the first time I’ve given back and actually felt like I’m able to make a real difference in the world.”

- Faith, Glasgow

“The charitable sector is huge and growing. It needs to catch up with consumers and make proper use of technology.  Sustainably is key to solving these issues. Helping charities engage, understand and receive donations from their supporters in new, practical ways.”

Louis Warner, COO, Founders Factory, investors in Sustainably

We've won awards

Richard Branson’s Start Up of the Year 2019 🙌
Nesta challlenges winner 2019
Virgin Startup winner 2018
wework creator winner 2018
Startup Grind winner 2017
Tech Nation winner 2018
Finnovate winner 2017
Why invest?

Be part of our journey to create a brand new platform for giving

Potential Market: By 2030 4.9 billion people could donate over $1tn
In donations: Today 1.8bn people donate $400bn
Revenue: 5m users, £10/donation/mo, £100m revenue, by 2025
5 Star
App Store average customer rating
Funding so far

This is your opportunity to invest in us, as we transform giving tech, and make giving effortless for consumers and businesses, every day.



How do I become a Sustainably shareholder?

This is an easy one.

Register yourself using your email address at the top, or the bottom of this page.

When will the campaign go live?

We aim to be going live in January 2020.

We will, of course, announce the exact date via email and social media so don't miss out on this.

Who can invest?

Eligible customers over the age of 18, globally (residents of the USA accredited investors only, excludes Canada and Japan).

Why did you choose Crowdcube?

There are two reasons for that.

The first reason is numbers related.

Crowdcube values the power of people and knows that we're stronger together.

And their numbers prove the point: They have helped fuel the growth of three out of 16 of the UK's active unicorns.

In the last 12 months alone, they helped raises of 196 companies on their platform, which totalled £165.5m.

The second reason, however, is related to our values.

In the last 12 to 18 months, we have seen more and more impact businesses on Crowdcube's platform.

Why is Sustainably crowdfunding?

We want to give our community a chance to share in the brighter future we're creating together.

We will use the raised funds for various activities, our primary focus will be product development and growing our team.

These changes will allow us to give our customers the best impact experience.

Will Sustainably customers have exclusive access to the investment?

Everyone who has pre-registered will receive a 48-hour window to get a chance to invest early. So don't forget to sign up.

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